Christie Brinkley Shares Her Favorite $4 Drugstore Beauty Product

The 63-year-old model publicized everything, from her most loved magnificence items to wellness routine and that she gets a little non-intrusive help. At a mixed drink gathering in Beverly Hills Thursday, the mother of-three commended her new association with Merz Esthetics, the maker of Xeomin (think: the new Botox) and Ultherapy (lifts and fixes skin with ultrasound)— both of which the Sports Illustrated cover demonstrate is a fan.


Skin will “look more tightly. No one will ask what you did. It continues working throughout the months, and I see a distinction,” Christie told E! News. “I’m sharing this since it worked for me. It’s not my [beauty] mystery, uncovered. It’s cutting edge ladies sharing science.”

Notwithstanding the non-obtrusive medicines, Christie keeps her skin stout through a relatable wellness schedule. “I discuss practicing while you’re brushing your teeth or doing your dishes—I have it in my book, Timeless Beauty—all these at-home, multi-entrusting practices that you can do. I believe it’s extremely vital to accomplish something consistently.”

After such huge numbers of years in the business, the model has grabbed some proven magnificence tips—some of which will cost you alongside nothing.

“It fulfills me so to search out excellence, and my iPhone is the thing that I catch it with,” she clarified. “What’s more, when I search out this magnificence, I feel so glad to be invigorated, and I surmise that just undertakings… appreciation is my greatest excellence mystery.”

On the off chance that joy feels somewhat conceptual or impalpable, there’s forever Christie’s most loved drugstore excellence item: Andrea Eye Q’s Eye Makeup Remover Pads, an incredible $4 at Rite Aid.

Assuming, notwithstanding, infusions, drugstore magnificence items or even the model’s new makeup line (appearing on HSN toward the start of February) is somewhat distant, she additionally gave inestimable guidance.

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